Last day, a friend of mine sent me an Instagram reel. It had Miriam Margolyes, an actress who played Professor […]

Recently, I have been writing subtitles for a corporate client. Their employees had made short films in regional languages that […]

Filmmakers have been using a clapboard for a long time. And it is still an essential tool on film sets […]

I saw a dream. An idea for a story that I want to make into a film. Which I’m going […]

In today’s time and age where anyone can make a film and become a filmmaker, why should you study filmmaking? […]

If you have been following this website for any length of time you know that the answer to such a […]

I used to find it stressful to go on set and shoot a scene. I was always wondering if I […]

How do you film a scene with just one camera? It is a process that is as complicated as sending […]

As someone with a passion for creating, a writer and a filmmaker, I have a lot of stories that I […]

Do you have in your hand a feature film, a short film or a web series that you want to […]

Most aspiring filmmakers think they will figure out how to shoot a scene after they are on set and everything […]

One of the questions that I kept being asked was on turning an idea into a story. My initial reaction […]

In this post I share with you what you need to know to shoot any scene. That too not in […]

There was a funny scene in an old Malayalam film where the character played by Sreenivasan pretends to be a […]

Did you know that the country with the most searches for “short film” is from India and Bangladesh? And within […]

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