With the principles we discussed here you can now turn any story into a film, without waiting for big stars […]

The way you are going to break into the film industry is by answering this question, “What are you really […]

Like many people starting out, my first short film was made with friends. It was nothing like a set. Just […]

Now that you see marketing and sales of films differently, and understand that sales happen forever, let us look at […]

Marketing is not sales. It is all the activities that result in building awareness and desire for a product. While […]

I have conduced some workshops before, while I was in college, in TCS, in Act Lab. Some of them were […]

Imagine you bought a new mobile phone. You turned it on. It displays some random images and then turned off. […]

We live in a time like none other because, what once took immense patience, energy and resources to do, can […]

In India, it’s known as dubbing. Everywhere else it’s called Automatic/Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) or Looping. It is the long […]

If you have been in the field, it is impossible to have not heard of the Australian company Blackmagic Design’s […]

This is an excerpt from my book The Indian Indie Film (or Make Your Film for rest of the world). It […]

Starting a project is easy. You are inspired, the future looks bright, there are lots of people around to help […]

I spent the whole day yesterday trying to figure out what valuable thing I can share on the production of […]

In some regional film industries, schedule breaks are not the norm. Even in big budget productions, the shoots are scheduled […]

We will now look at remaining 5 vital things to have ready in preproduction of a low budget feature film. […]

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