Ashik Kumar Satheesh

Touching hearts through stories.
Writer | Engineer | Filmmaker

Ashik Kumar Satheesh

Touching hearts through stories.
Writer | Engineer | Filmmaker

Turning an Idea into a Story | A New Video Series

One of the questions that I kept being asked was on turning an idea into a story. My initial reaction was I that can't teach anyone how to do that!... more

How to Shoot a Scene | 3 Things to Know

In this post I share with you what you need to know to shoot any scene. That too not in some particular way of mine, or theirs or someone else's. But... more

How to Direct a Film | 4 Things to Know

There was a funny scene in an old Malayalam film where the character played by Sreenivasan pretends to be a film director, when he knows nothing... more

How to Make a Short Film | 4 Things to Know

Did you know that the country with the most searches for "short film" is from India and Bangladesh? And within India, the most search is from my... more

Feeling Low as a Filmmaker

I know it's been a while. The last half-year had been a time that I have been feeling really low, not only as a filmmaker but also as an individual.... more

My Writing Process Using Left and Right Brain

When I was starting out it was difficult to find the writing process of others. Hence I wanted to share the process that I follow. My writing process... more

Studying Story Structure | Monomyth and Jurassic Park

The next story that I am working on is something that I'm currently not certain what genre it is. Right now it looks like horror. But I know that it... more

The Indian Indie Film | Go Make Your First Feature Film

We made an entire feature film for ₹5 lakhs on an iPhone and debuted my film career. I want to help you do the same. The Indian Indie Film is... more