The journey of making a film is like taking the 25 years journey of a baby—from infancy to adulthood—and rapidly rushing through it in a year or two. Filmmaking is arduous. During those nerve-racking times ‘fun’ might not be the feeling you always have.

When It is Not Fun Making Films

What starts as an idea between the ears of one person, is transformed into something tangible by the hands and minds of hundreds, to finally become an idea again between the ears of millions. That is filmmaking.

Days on set making a film are laborious. But if you have chosen your team carefully in preproduction, the days on set are also the most fun times you’ll always fondly remember.

For low budget films, postproduction, marketing and selling your film can be lonely times. Nothing might seem to be working out as you had hoped for. You can find yourself in your worst nightmares.

During those times again remind yourself that you are only making a film and to have fun. Let your mind wander. Let is come up with random solutions; without worrying about it being right or wrong. Let it flow. Talk to a friend and laugh at the silliness. Watch a film. Read a book. Do whatever you may have to do.

The Carefree Mind

It is during those fun moments, when your mind and body is relaxed, that you get to be that curious and creative child again. It is only in that carefree state that you get to experiment fearlessly. Out of those fun tinkering might come something more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

Slowly but surely, as you keep walking towards your destination, changing the route as often as required to get there, you will seeing things working out. As you keep moving forward again the light at the end starts becoming brighter and brighter.

Whatever the outcome might be, it never lasts for more than a day or two. But it is the journey towards it that is always going to be the longest.

So enjoy the problems. Take it as a challenge. Come up with creative solutions and have fun making your film!


Hey Aspiring Filmmaker,

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