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A Definite Guide to Make Your First Feature Film

We made an entire feature film for ₹5 lakhs on an iPhone and debuted my film career. I want to help you do the same. The Indian Indie Film is anyone who want to make a feature film with whatever resources you have. It will help you:

  • Learn the 7 steps to your first feature film
  • Raise money and make a micro budget film for ₹5 lakhs
  • Prepare in preproduction that saves money
  • Make your first feature film on a smartphone
  • Sell on Amazon Prime and gain profit and international viewership…


“Extensively documented. Many interesting insights”—Rahul Riji Nair, Award Winning Filmmaker

The Indian Indie Film is for people looking to do the following:

  • Learn quickly what took me five years
  • Learn the dos and don’ts of smartphone filmmaking
  • Make a film for a low budget and not wait for the date of a big star, or large sums of money from a producer
  • Send to festivals or release it on OTT platforms

The Indian Indie Film ebook https://amzn.to/36x3F1R

“More important than film history and aesthetics”—Harshitha S, Filmmaker

There are so many ways that you can become a filmmaker. I read through the biographies of a lot of filmmakers to understand how I might be able to go about it. But many of the established filmmakers built their carrier at a time that is so different from what we live in. This is the book what I wish I could get my hands on when I was starting on my journey.Buy Indian Indie Film eBook Now Buy Indian Indie Film Paperback Copy Now

A Definitive Guide to Your First Feature Film

In The Indian Indie Film I cover everything from preparing to become a filmmaker and the mindset one has to get into to become a filmmaker. It then goes hands on into all the aspects of filmmaking, like preproduction, production and postproduction.

A chapter is specifically dedicated to mobile filmmaking. It details how to sell your film and recoup your money, not only today but for the next eighty years.

It has everything I learned. If I could go back in time and hand myself one book, this would probably be it. For anyone who is looking to make their debut into feature films I believe this will be one of the most definitive guides that you can get today. It combines everything I learned in the last five years and presents it in a manner that is easily digestible. Anybody can pick up the book and follow the steps to make their own debut feature film.

My hope is that this book becomes a guiding light to you. I hope you get to make your films and do it faster, learning from our mistakes. I hope The Indian Indie Film can saves you money, time and energy.

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