As published on April 19, 2013 at 12:55am.

To whom do I tell my sorrow,
for you, my love,
are my life.

With whom shall I share,
an unbiased a person,
where do I find.

Find I a stone, in
the deepest oceans,
holding deep secrets.

Even so, how can truth be told
without hurting you,
o my love, how?

No, cannot, will not
hurt no more,
for enough I have.

Fly my love, fly
your secret shall remain
for if cannot keep I,
then shall who.

But o, flying queen,
be known that thy love
shall die,

burning from within,
by thy seeded love
hidden from this people,

untill from my ashes,
are reborn a prince
worthy of thy love.

Fly my love, fly.