Living In The Time of Kings

Living in The Time of Kings

Today morning as I was making tea, I kept singing this beautiful song by AR Rahman,’Nila Kaaigiradhu’ from the movie Indira. I wanted to listen to it. I went online and listened to my hearts content. Which is when the thought of us Living In The Time of Kings came back to me.

Some years back, while doing my regular aimless reading online, I read somewhere that we live with the luxuries that a 15th century king of some country lived in, or something like that. Which, though I found interesting to know then, did not mean much.

Take today’s song example. Had a king some years back (actually you do not even have to go centuries back, even just a generation ago), wanted to listen to a Yesudas, or Rahman, or whoever was the most celebrated singer at that time, he’d have to have to ask his minister to find a suitable time, see if the artist was in town, arrange a hall and musicians, pay for it all, and then maybe in a week’s time, or maybe a month or year later, get to finally hear what he wanted.

But me, just took a small thing in my pocket, typed somethings in it, and there, within seconds not only the song that I wanted to her, but a hundred other songs, all in pristine quality, played by the world’s best musicians, waiting to entertain me as long as I needed. They don’t even ask for a loo break!

Then there is home food delivery, ride sharing, flight booking, never ending library of information on anything you might need.

And this is not accessible to only the restricted 1% of the population, and definitely not to everyone, but indeed to a major share of the world’s population, of which, if you are reading this, you probably is part of.

So let’s take a moment, because we are Living In The Time of Kings!

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