Content Creation Dilemma

Content Creation Dilemma

I don’t know how to go about it. I’m learning so much from Gary Vaynerchuk. He says that one needs to keep making content and that creating content on 5 of the major social platforms is the answer to all audience problem. But how do we? There is so much of demand for content. Or is there? What do people want to know? What should I produce? How do I produce? There are so many channels out there, like YouTube, broadcasting, IGTV, blogging, Facebook post… This is my Content Creation Dilemma.

Gary Vee says that the easiest to do is to make videos and cut it short to smaller bite-size content that can be shared as smaller videos, converted into text and blog posts. What do I make a video or blog of? Moreover, who will want to listen to me? Why would they even want to listen to me? What value can I bring to them? What is it that I want to do? How do I integrate content creation into my life and goals?

Let’s take these one by one, starting with the biggest thing.

What Interests Me

Hmm, what is it that interests me?

  1. Okay, I’m filled with random thoughts, like these, that makes no sense, not even to me
  2. I’m filled with thoughts on filmmaking.
  3. I’m filled with thoughts of entrepreneurship.

So do I focus on filmmaking? Or entrepreneurship? Or do I just go about rambling on like this.

What Interests Others

Who reads my blog? No one it seems. My last scheduled post did not publish and I got in touch with my site admin to find out why, which is when he told me that WordPress has a policy that publishes posts only if there are visitors. So no readers, no posts. Not a very fun realisation let me tell you.

What is the purpose of this website?

To me, a place to word out my thoughts. But what is it worth it for someone outside me, which unfortunately happens to be the bigger count.

Which got me thinking actually. Whom do I want to talk to? Whom would I want to follow my work? What kind of a person would benefit from something that I have to say? Maybe a Filmmaker? Maybe a businessman? Maybe no one? If I had a say in that that which would I choose? Actually all of them. But that I know is a recipe for a diluted and unfocused product.

So from the previous discussion lets say that my main interests are musings, filmmaking and entrepreneurship.


It could be something that I can add value to others, specifically people looking to make films. I have been completely drenched in it for over 5 years now. I take classes on it. I know I can deliver value on it, right now.


It is something that I am only figuring out as am doing right now. I know I am going to be drenched in it for the next 5 years. And I can think of it adding value to someone; more from the point of view of someone who is experimenting with it. While with filmmaking I know I can add serious value form my experience.

My Random Thoughts

It is all about my musings, my confusions. What value could that bring to someone? I don’t know. I can see it being of help for someone with similar confusions. Filmmaking and entrepreneurship are both very targeted. They both have a specific goal to reach for. Whereas my ramblings are what they are, unfocused, loose, vague. Maybe over the course of years it might find an audience on its own, but I can see that it is going to take a lot of time, for other to find out and more importantly for me to find out what I am even talking about.

Okay lets assume that that is figured out. Then we can move on to my next dilemma.

What To Put Where

Which content do I put where? What do I start with? Where do I start?

I’m a writer, a filmmaker, a businessman, and engineer, a teacher and a lot of other things that I don’t even know right now.  Should I start different blogs for various audiences of my various interests? Hmm… Though that sounds a bit farfetched, when I think on it, it would make it easier for people to follow. It can be more focused.

What if

  • was used just for my ramblings,
  • was used for low-budget film making tips, and
  • was used for the entrepreneurship and business ideas, and maybe some filmmaking tips as well

What then would I use the YouTube channel for? May be a mix of all of this? No, no. That would again become an unfocused soup. Maybe I should have separate channels for all three of them.

What if:

  • I used my YouTube channel only for my ramblings and those of Ashik Arts and
  • All the low budget filmmaking tips, which I want to put on, was shot as vertical videos and put up only on IGTV


So The Plan

  1. Continue my ramblings and musings on Probably would be majorly texts and less of videos.
  2. Help aspiring filmmakers get to their first feature film through videos, and texts on
  3. Document my life as an entrepreneur through videos and texts on

That sounds like a plan. Or at least a more organised version of my Content Creation Dilemma. But will I be able to maintain all of these? Will this be too much load? Would I be spreading myself in?

What the hell! Maybe I should just go ahead, do it and see what happens. Anyway no is reading these or seeing my videos. That’s a relief. (If you did read till here, I mean why? What’s in it for you? I’m curious. Contact me.)

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