The Philosophy of Revolutions

As published on May 21, 2013 at 5:21pm.

How was wealth made? What is the next big boom after IT?

DISCLAIMER: This is just my philosophy (no proofs) which came into existence from all that I read, saw and lived. You are responsible for your actions, and by no way am I asking anyone to act upon my thoughts.

We all have heard of the IT boom, the huge salary, the yearly double digit increments. So did my parents, and they wanted that for me, and they sent me to do Engineering.

But, some 200, 500 years back, there was another revolution just like this, the agricultural revolution. Then the rich were the people who got into agriculture first. Soon the crowd followed and there was surplus food. But there is only so much food that is needed, and the agricultural revolution started saturating. It got a stable place, and there were no major booms in agriculture since.

Then some 200 years ago, started the next revolution, the industrial revolution. It had its peak, then it too got to a stable saturated level. There were no boom again in that.

Then came the Age of Information, the IT age. It stated around 60 or 50 years back. It had the biggest boom of all times during the 1990’s to 2000’s. And now just like the other revolutions, it is also starting to reach a saturation level. The signs are starting to appear.

Somewhere in between industrial n IT revolution, came the educational revolution and electronic revolution and many other smaller revolutions. They all go hand in hand.

It is like a form of evolution. The initial money was in the field that satisfied the stomach (agriculture revolution). Once we had enough food, we looked for getting things done faster, and we invented machines. The money was then in the industrial division (industrial revolution). Once the industries were set up, they grew big, newer forms of industries arose, they grew big, and to cater to all this, combined with the evolution of computer, took the world into IT revolution.

Now what is the next big rev? What is it going to take the world by storm? Where is the money going to be?

I believe it has something to do with our brain, or more precisely, the creative side of the brain. I believe that the next big revolution will have something to do with creativity. Something that has to do with a human desire to create and inspire others. Something that will be far above money.

I do not know what it is, but I’m keeping my eyes open, for all I know for sure is that it will:

  • Happen much faster than all previous revolutions
  • Be dealing with such huge amounts of wealth, that will make even IT look small

This I’m sure.

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