Living In The Time of Kings

Today morning as I was making tea, I kept singing this beautiful song by AR Rahman,'Nila Kaaigiradhu' from the movie Indira. I wanted to listen to... more

Is This How Growing Feels Like?

Am I getting older? Are these the signs of me growing up? I feel like those 'uncles', married, with kids, thinking of their work, no time to play,... more

Content Creation Dilemma

I don't know how to go about it. I'm learning so much from Gary Vaynerchuk. He says that one needs to keep making content and that creating content... more

What Watching Kumbalangi Nights Made Me Feel – Not A Review

Note: This is not strictly a review of the movie.I need help.What a lovely movie, Kumbalangi Nights, though I hate to admit it.Why is it... more

Rewiring My Filmmaker Brain

Moving from Onset to Post Being on set making a film is so different from being in post production making a film, that it takes me some time to get... more

Why Are There No Movies on IT Life?

Seriously! When a major portion of our millennial population, like myself, is working in some IT company or other, why are there so few movies on... more